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8 Best Practices for Buying Cars from Customers

Our team here at VAN is fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with many of the highest performing dealerships.  These innovative pioneers in private seller acquisitions continually stress to us that the combination of people, process and technology are what keeps them at the forefront of their competition.

We have assembled 8 of the top best practices we see consistently being used to efficiently and effectively source the highest quality, fastest turning and most profitable pre-owned inventory available to dealerships.  

Vehicle Acquisition Network (VAN) is an acquisition software solution that aggregates multiple marketplace listings, allows searching and sorting by numerous criteria, then communicates with consumers using the method of their choice.  All of this activity is housed in a full featured consumer relationship system.  Download the Cars from Customers eBook to learn more about increasing used car dealer profit margin.


Customer Testimonial

We have increased our pre-owned department profitability, lowered expenses, increased turn and have added hundreds of new local prospects as a result of joining VAN.

- Greg Churchill, Honda West | Calgary, AB Canada