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A Streamlined, Profitable Acquisition Process

Dealers can try piecing together their own private party vehicle acquisition process, but should they? As illustrated in this case study, implementing the right tools and technology can take an adequate system and make it extraordinary, providing an easier, more cohesive workflow that benefits both buyers and sellers.

Vehicle Acquisition Network (VAN) was built by dealers for dealers, directly addressing your unique needs and pain points. Our experts provide extensive ongoing training and support to help you maximize ROI and get the most out of your experience.

As the industry leader in private party vehicle acquisition technology, VAN empowers dealers to easily connect with local sellers. By aggregating area vehicles from top sources such as, AutoTrader, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and more, VAN creates one cohesive system to search, connect, and buy directly from sellers.

Fast-Turning Inventory

Acquire fresh and unique pre-owned inventory that comes to you from private sellers, who live in your market area. You have complete control over your search criteria.

Higher Profit Margin

Make offers on your terms, in your store.  No need to get wrapped in the emotional rush of the sale on the lane.  Reduce fees, transportation and days to front line.

Connect With Consumers

Open a new channel of communication in your market.  Build your brand identity and bring consumers into your dealership without additional marketing expense.

Garry Clift Case Study

Customer Testimonial

"With VAN's software, it really helps to keep you organized and sophisticated which in turn helps to do a good job of follow up with our customers."

- Garry Clift, Owner of Clift Buick/GMC